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This Guidebook is available in paperback and now on Kindle. It has been written as a resource. Dick has written this guidebook, carefully using Scripture and testimonies. The work is the epitome of applied Christianity, full of love for the lost and for others in the family of God. He has outlined the purpose of his work in his preface. The greatest hope is that small groups will arise to go into the marketplaces of the world to show God's love through healing power. Click to order for Kindle

He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. Psalm 103:3 NLT

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This handbook is available as a paperback book or a Kindle book. It teaches on the authority and power you have as a Christian and how to use it in your daily lives. God did not make us to give over control of our own physical well-being to the will of others. He has a plan and purpose for us and to fulfill that purpose we have to be yielded to His plan for our lives. Click above image to view more and order.

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For a quick look at some of the things God has been doing, check these reports of both local and of trips taken over the past few months. (latest first). And most of these testimonies are from miracles Jesus has done right here in the USA. Jesus is alive and healing today!

November 2016 Testimonies

Sunday at church a man asked for immediate prayer for a headache. Touched the spot and in Jesus name told it to leave. It left. Thank you Jesus. click to read more...

October 2016 Testimonies

I prayed for a man with back pain. I laid my left hand on his back and my right on his girlfriend's back. I commanded healing in his back and had him stand and walk. Some relief. Doctors not able to find the cause. Prayed twice more and doctor Jesus took all the pain. His girlfriend came up to me later to tell me her pain was gone as well. Praise Jesus.    click to read more...

September 2016 Testimonies

Friday morning I was at a class at the gym and overheard the instructor talking about the pain she was in. After class I went up to her to thank he for the class and was nudged by Holy Spirit to ask about her pain. It was in her back and elsewhere. With permission I laid my hand on her back and commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. She said it was a little better. Then I took my hand away and asked her to bend and move. Her face said it all when she realized there was no more pain. Thank you, Jesus!   click to read more...

August 2016 KY Testimonies

Saturday morning i awoke with back pain. This is not usual for me so I asked if this was for someone else--a word of knowledge? The pain left. Later i worked on a laptop getting malware off of it. When i was done i asked if could pray with the woman it belonged to. She deals with, you got it, back pain due to scoliosis. Also was having pain in her ankles. With permission i placed a hand on her back commanding the pain to leave, for scoliosis to go, for the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to be healed in her ankles, and for all ankle pain to go. For stress to leaves and complete healing from the tip of her head to the soles of her feet. I removed my hand after a while and asked her to walk. As she crossed the room she started yelling oh my God over and over. When she turned around the big smile told it all. All pain was gone. Thank you Jesus.   click to read more...

July 2016 KY Testimonies

Wednesday morning a woman with shoulder, nerve pain, legs giving out and more. Laid hands on her for complete healing and for all pain to leave. Another lady, in her eighties, needed healing throughout her body. Another with lower back pain. With permission I laid hands on her lower back. I commanded the back to be healed and for all pain to leave. Some of it left and she wanted to walk away. I stopped her and we prayed again and all pain left. Tears came as she raised her hands and shouted ”the pain is all gone”. Thank you Jesus for what you did today.  click to read more...

June 2016 Testimonies

Tuesday I met a girl with knee issues: popping, pain. I laid my hand on her left knee and commanded total healing, for the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to be healed and for the popping and pain to be gone. I took my hand off her knee and had her stand and walk just a little. ALL pain was gone!  click to read more...

May 2016 Florida Testimonies

Prayed for a man who was thinking about knee replacement, After laying hands on his knee all pain and a clicking stopped. Saw him later in the day and he was still without issues.  click to read more...

April 2016 Florida Testimonies

Woman came up to me with a pain in her lower back and had me place my hand there. I commanded the pain to go and for the muscles and tendons to loosen. All pain left. Thank you Jesus. click to read more...

March 2016 Florida Testimonies

Testimony of a man who we prayed for a couple of weeks ago. He had been told he would need a screw in his right wrist due to a bone that was not healing correctly. Praise God he went back to the doctor and is healed without a screw. click to read more...

February 2016 Florida Testimonies

I had a word of knowledge for a headache during worship. I waited until worship was over to give it. One of the worship team was the one. A quick prayer commanding it to go and it immediately left! Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Jesus. click to read more...

January 2016 Florida Testimonies

A man came to me with severe pain in right knee. Laid hands and commanded it to leave. Had him take a few steps and most of it left. He was about to leave and I stopped
him and prayed again. Again he took a few steps and all pain was gone. Thank you Jesus. click to read more...

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