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Daily Nuggets by Dick Evans

These are an accumulation of all the daily and weekly emails, tweets, and Facebook posts from Pastor Dick over the years. He continues to post new thoughts daily.

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Notes Taken by Dick Evans

These are what Holy Spirit showed me as the preacher was giving his message. Some are his words and some are Holy Spirit interpretation of what was being said. These are for the days I was present to hear the message. For the audio version of all EBC messages see the link in the next section.

02-17-2019 EBC Pastor Tony

02-16-2019 Edgewater Church

02-10-2019 Pastor Gene and Pastor Tony

01-27-2019  EBC Pastor Tony

01-13-2019  EBC Pastor Tony

12-30-2018  EBC Pastor Tony

12-23-2018  EBC Pastor Tony

12-19-2018  New Season Augusta Ume

12-16-2018  EBC Pastor Tony

12-12-2018  New Season Augusta Ume

12-9-2018  Pastor Tony

12-5-2018  New Season Augusta Ume

12-2-2018  EBC Pastor Gene

11-25-2018  EBC Pastor Gene

11-5-2018  Pastor Tony Monday night

11-4-2018  EBC Pastor Tony

11-4-2018  EBC The Inner Witness handout  by Pastor Tony

10-29-2018  EBC Pastor Tony on Monday night

10-28-2018  EBC Pastor Tony

10-21-2018  EBC Pastor Tony

10-7-2018  EBC Pastor Tony


Audio of Messages given at EBC (Englewood Bible Church)


Worship with Melody Wheat

Melody Wheat Worship


Messages Given by Dick Evans

8-14-2016 God's Goodness

6-15-2016 More Grace

6-08-2016 God's Grace

5-18-2016 Christ in Us



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