The Evans Ministries
Equipping People for Life

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Mission Statement

The Evans Ministries guides those desiring to understand their purpose in life by integrating Biblical truths with the life skills necessary to fulfill their talents and abilities. These teachings are fortified by building relationships with people able to mentor them in an atmosphere of caring.

The Evans Ministries provides the environment where this equipping can take place.

Using Workshops and Bible Discovery Groups, they instruct those present in the Word and provide times of feedback and discussion regarding how the Word is applied to their personal lives. Ministry time provides a safe atmosphere where people can be lifted up and trained in the use of their individual spiritual gifts. The personal relationships developed out of these meetings build character and integrity in all who dedicate themselves to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Special training seminars and teachings are held from time to time to encourage and activate gifts and allow God given talents to be birthed.

Reaching out into the community is another aspect of equipping people. We are always looking for ways to touch other's lives. It could be by co-laboring with another church or organization within the community in which we live.


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