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A Work of The Evans Ministries

Which Began May 2008

A note to all and especially to those who consider them-selves Pastors, Teachers, Preachers, Evangelists, Prophets, Apostle, or otherwise learned in the Word of God.


If you are considering utilizing the process and format of The Bible Discovery Group, please follow these guidelines.


We encourage everyone to read the Word, study, and pray that the Holy Spirit brings understanding. You are also encouraged to read commentaries, the footnotes in your Bible, and make notes in your Bible, but, at no time come to the BDG with a prepared message.


Come into the meeting empty of head knowledge of the things of God, and yet full of His Spirit. Come expecting the Holy Spirit to draw out of each participant a word, encouragement, and a sharing of his or her experience of the Word at hand.


Let the flow of the Holy Spirit and the scripture message reveal itself through all who are present. Allow the Holy Spirit to draw out of you what is needed at the time so the Word may be clarified with personal testimony, so each may receive a deeper understanding of the verse.


A Bible Discovery Group (BDG) is not a Bible Study led by one person. It is a group experience led by Holy Spirit. As the group reads from Matthew though Jude, revelation jumps off the pages and pops into their head ready to be shared.







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October 2008; v3.12 November 2012


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We come together weekly to not just read scripture and discuss its meaning as written. The real purpose is a fellowship of believers getting together to share revelation occurring as scripture passages are read discussing how they relate to our lives today--how can they help us live a more Christ like life as we let the Holy Spirit reveal how we can lead our lives, treat others, and serve others through God’s love. To accomplish this we read in the New Testament using whatever version of the Bible we have from Matthew through Jude, in any order. These are the books that give us daily principles to live by.


Meeting Schedule (adjust times for meetings during the day)



Coffee, Snacks, and Fellowship


Choose assignments for next meeting

(location, facilitator and snack person)


After the opening prayer, take turns reading scripture and discussing the passages as they relate to life today


Stand and recite the closing prayer. People are free to leave or stay for more fellowship and or prayer. Share prayer requests, and when finished pray for each request


If you are a volunteer for the evening (facilitator, host, or snack person) please remember to review Bible Discovery Group Procedures beginning on page 6 of this booklet.


It is important for the meetings to begin and end on time. With the completion of the ending prayer, the meeting is officially over and people are free to leave.


Punctuality is a good discipline that gives liberty to those members who must leave and begin at a certain time. If others need prayer, they can remain longer.


In addition, it is important to find a person or persons who can share the responsibility of communicating with the Bible Discovery Group members. This is accomplished by email and by phone for those without email.

The Bible Discovery Group


Opening Prayer (To be read together)


Father God, our purpose in gathering is to grow closer to You, by reading and discussing your Word and sharing our life experiences. The personal things we share here will be kept in confidence.


We pray to be an inspiration to those here and in the world in which we live.


As we gather here today, we welcome you Holy Spirit. Lead and guide us into all truth. Open our hearts and minds with Your love, allowing us to speak uplifting words to one another. May we continue to grow in Your love, and apply Your wisdom to our daily lives. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


(Each person reads a bullet or paragraph)


We come together to discover and explore the Scriptures. By gathering together in one accord, we seek and share revelation knowledge with fellow believers who attend. It is important that those who attend are reading the Word regularly and applying these truths to their daily lives.


Who we are: 


  • We are encouragers of inspiration to others in their faith by giving current testimony using scripture as well as our current walk.
  • When we gather we are NOT pastor, teacher, or preacher. We come together title-less as equals in the faith sharing from our hearts.
  • As we gather, there is no denomination represented. We are the Christian church, the body of Christ, who have Him as our center and seek to deepen our faith walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • We do not gather for group counseling or for the dumping of one’s burdens, but rather to share our experiences as they relate to the scripture at hand.


This is not a Bible study. It is a Bible Discussion. Our walks and experiences may differ, yet our purpose remains the same--to grow in Him and to encourage others to do the same. This meeting is not for passive bystanders. It is to be engaging and inspiring for each who attends.


Where are we Going

It is our intention that when we leave, we become carriers of the Light of Jesus. We are a voice to a dying world and a source of refreshment to those whom are thirsty. As the Spirit leads, we will reach out to our community and touch those around us for the Gospel’s sake!


Facilitated Bible Reading and Discussion Time


Closing Prayer (All stand and read together)


Father, we thank you for loving us. Thank you, Jesus, for being with us as we gathered in your name, breaking the bread of Your Word together. Holy Spirit, we thank you for teaching us and leading us into truth.


Now we ask that you, Holy Spirit, seal up in us all that has been said and done that was inspired by You. Let us leave behind any words or thoughts that did not flow from our Father God's love and wisdom.


We pray for an increase of a deeper hunger to know you Lord, Your will and Your ways. Send forth angels this night to protect those traveling home and for their weeks’ journey. Give us boldness to speak to those who are hungry and hurting. Increase us spiritually Lord and add to this Bible Discovery Group those whom You will. It is in Jesus' Name we pray. Amen!

Bible Discovery Group Procedures


It is in our hearts to have fellowship with one another, prayer for those whom we love, give recent testimonies of what the Lord is doing in our lives and to have open discussion on the scriptures, which we read together. We all meet on an agreed day and time in homes of those who participate. Most importantly, we want to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.


Each week there is a need for the following (adjust time for meetings during the day):




Similar to a greeter at a church, the host will:


  • Meet and greet people with a smile and a loving embrace
  • Open their home for all those who are participating in the group
  • Prepare coffee and/or soft drinks and an atmosphere of love and acceptance
  • Have quiet Christian music in the background
  • Have proper lighting for reading scripture


During fellowship time before 7:00pm, the host will:


  • Cover the business of the next meeting such as looking for a volunteer host, facilitator, and snack person
  • Begin the meeting at 7:00pm sharp with the group reading of who we are and the opening prayer
  • Motion to the facilitator when it is time to close, which is 5 to 10 minutes before 8:00pm and have the group stand and read the closing prayer. This leaves time for individual prayer and allows others to freely leave when they desire



The primary purpose of the facilitator is to keep the meeting moving and on topic. The facilitator should


  • Interject questions that relate to the scripture being read
  • Encourage discussion
  • Encourage participants to testify to everyday life experiences that relate to the scripture at hand
  • Be responsible to redirect the meeting back on subject when it gets off track
  • Rely on Holy Spirit for guidance throughout the meeting


Toward the end of the discussion, the facilitator should


  • Ask for prayer requests and testimonies. The prayer or testimonies will occur after the closing prayer at 8:00pm


With the host’s help, the discussion should end 5-10 minutes before 8:00pm so those who are seeking a touch from God can make their requests known. Be ready to excuse people after the reading of the closing prayer if they cannot stay for prayer.


Snack Person:


One who volunteers to bring snacks for the evening should


  • Keep it simple, not messy, and not expensive
  • Arrive a few minutes before the meeting time to help with setup!




Volunteer who maintains the database of members and takes notes at the meeting as to who the volunteers are for the next week, which scripture we left off at, praise and prayer reports and emails this information to all in a timely manner.



This includes all of us. Just because some have functions to carry out for the evening does not leave the rest of us off the hook! It is our meeting. It is our choice to come and our choice to have an interesting, interactive meeting discovering, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the truths in the scripture we read, and discussing how these truths can apply to our lives today. This can only happen if we all:


  • Come ready to assist
  • Encourage the facilitator--maybe to help to bring the topic back into focus
  • Are willing to pray, read scripture and contribute by sharing our life experience in our walk with the Lord with others.
  • Are willing to share our joys and maybe our concerns for prayer











These Bible Discovery Groups and this booklet (copyrighted 2008 and revised Jul/Nov 2009 and Nov 2012) are works of The Evans Ministries. Dick and Dianne Evans are the overseers of the groups, but the groups run weekly without ministerial guidance.


“But that does not mean we want to dominate you by telling you how to put your faith into practice. We want to work together with you so you will be full of joy, for it is by your own faith that you stand firm” (2 Corinthians 1:24)

A Work of The Evans Ministries