Florida Celebration Night

January 5, 2010

Once a month the Bible Discovery Groups gather together and celebrate. The purpose is to re-unite, share testimonies, and discuss the living Word.

Last night was the first Celebration Night here in FL. How exciting it was for me. It was a family reunion. The chatter and hugs of welcome were just everywhere. The line of people near the door was like a reception line that kept growing as more people entered by the door.

The format was simply moved by the Spirit as people shared testimonies of what God has done over the last month in their lives. The Focus of the night was relationship and communication with God. Dick and Dianne spoke for a while and then opened it up for group discussions. After another twenty minutes or so what followed as the individual small groups shared about what they discussed together was inspiring and enriching.

Next week the groups go back to their regular schedule, but I am sure all are looking forward as we are to the next Celebration Night on the first Tuesday of next month.

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