Poems by Bob Sexton

By Bob Sexton

My Father in heaven, Father of my heart and soul,
   hallowed be your name.
You are the only God, there is no other.
Help me today to rise above all that is ugly, unseemly or hurtful.
Increase my joy and let it overflow to others.
Hold my hand Christ Jesus, and walk with me
   on todayís smooth or rocky road,
      on the path you have ordained for me.
Forgive my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me.
Show me where unforgiveness lingers on in my heart
   and lift those painful, biting chains that they may be cast away.
Convict me that I may be obedient to you, O Master.
      There is such freedom in obedience,
         a release from bondage for the soul,
            a drawing close in truth to you.
You are the Master, I am the servant.
   Let me hold others as greater than myself,
      seeing through your eyes of truth and grace.
   Let me care for the oppressed, the lonely, the broken and forgotten,
      reaching out with your hand of compassion.
   Let me stand for truth, to honor all that is right and pure,
      to abhor all that is evil, cruel or selfish.
   Increase my joy indeed,
      that it may flow to others in abundance,
         lifting heads and giving hope,
   Draw me closer, expand my faith,
      let the testimony of my lips give praise to you.
I need you my Father, Savior, Lord and Friend.
   You have filled that empty place within,
      filled it with the Spirit of power and of grace.
   Your love is all I need,
      it is brighter than the moon, the stars, the sun.
   Behold your child.
      Receive my love, gratitude, and adoration.
You are my Father, I am your child.
   Hallowed be your name.


By Bob Sexton

Father God, creator of heaven and earth,
   someone deep within my soul cries out to you.
      Yes, I see that it is me, O Lord, at a much earlier time.
   Hear that cry, O Lord, and heal the hurt,
      heal the woundedness of the child within.
   Who else can see into the depths of a manís soul
      and know the sorrows, disappointments and anguish
         that live there?
   Take my hand, O Lord, and lead me on this path of healing,
      this journey into lonely empty places where truth lies hidden,
         bound in fear but yearning to be set free.
   Go with me, my Lord, my Savior,
      you are acquainted with sorrows but victorious and all-powerful.
   There is no sorrow so deep, no wound so jagged
      that your hand of compassion can not reach, touch and heal.
   In the morning of compassionís light
      you deliver the hurting, the oppressed and the lost
         to freedomís joy and hope eternal.
   Who is like you, O Lord, you are with me always.
      You go before me into the day,
         you protect and guide me with your righteous right arm.
   Let gratitude flourish in my heart,
      let praise for you be ever on my lips,
         for you are Life itself.