Testimonies from The Evans church in RI, The Celebration House

Dick and John the night John have testimony to God healing his heart

Click to hear John's Testimony of God giving him a new heart.

Email Received 
To: dianne@theevans.org
Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2008 1:39:39 PM
Subject: Recommendation

Dear Brethren;
In March 2008 Dianne Evans came to our church to share her testimony and pray for the sick. Many were encouraged and all were touched by the Lord in some way. She was a true blessing sent by the Lord.

Some people found relief from long term pain after Dianne prayed with them. One woman in particular was relieved from neck pain and limited mobility. There was another who was set free from compulsive behaviors.

I would recommend Dianne as a speaker to anyone considering her. She is a woman of the Word who walks in a powerful anointing. She has great faith and a heart for God's people.

Robin Rumbolt
St. Patrick's Prayer Group

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Email Received 
To: dick@theevans.org
Sent: Sunday, August 5, 2007 3:57:08 PM
Subject: From Michelle and Bill Worona

Hi Dick and Dianne,

This is Bill and Michelle from this weekend! We just wanted to write and tell you how great the workshop was.

Once we arrived at church on Saturday evening, we told everyone about what we had learned in your workshop. Our pastor was absolutely thrilled that we were speaking in tongues and laying hands. He also thought that your method of introducing tongues was great. I was called up to speak about our experience at the workshop. Unexpectedly, I was also asked to duplicate your teaching of speaking in tongues. I think I did pretty well, our pastor thought I did great. Anyway, the most exciting part is that six people in the church who had never spoken in tongues before opened up the door and spoke in tongues for the first time.

Both Michelle and I felt like we were brimming with the Holy Spirit yesterday and I think it showed. Michelle introduced the concept of healing to the children in her ministry as well yesterday through the healing cloth that you gave us!

It was an incredible night and as we were wrapping up I turned to one of my friends working the sound with me and patted him on the back and asked if he was hurting in anyway. He told me his throat was hurting all day but right after I touched him the pain disappeared. I didn’t have to do or say anything I was absolutely amazed.

Then this morning my mother asked how the healing service was and we told her all about it and we talked for probably about an hour with her regarding healing and we laid hands on her as well. She was enthralled and would like to attend one of your seminars now!

Our pastor is also very interested in having you come visit us.

We just wanted to say thanks again and we will keep in touch.

Bill and Michelle

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Email Received 
To: Dick Evans <dick@theevans.org>
Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2006 8:14:52 PM
Subject: A Testimony For Today

Hi Dick and Dianne:

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus, our Lord of compassion, healing, and restoration.

I went to the meeting at your house church today to learn, and to receive, what the Lord had in store for me. I was expecting to ask for prayer for my lower back, which has been problematical for two decades, even though surgery in 1994 had helped.

When we were singing praise songs and Kristin was dancing early on in the group's time together, I felt much emotion coming up and I knew the healing was not primarily about my back. I knew this time was appointed for the beginning of healing of the wounded child within.

In February I wrote a prayer, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, (attached) asking the Lord to "Increase My Joy Indeed". I prayed for this because the joy of my salvation and the joy of my journey with Jesus and the Holy Spirit was subdued and somehow bound.

Earlier this week I wrote a prayer (with God's help) called "Heal the Child Within". This is also attached. The Great Healer had started His work in me in this area, setting a very clear path ahead. Today, when I was able to muster the courage to press through the hurt and grief that I felt, to share to the group about the wounded child within, the wall of denial and embarrassment came down.

When Dianne prayed for me I felt a warm peace in my soul, a sense of assurance, and I praised God that this path to healing had begun. It will not be a long road because the largest step, that of breaking through denial and embarrassment has been taken. The remaining steps will be faced with assurance and anticipation, for the Lord is within, before and behind me, as he has been during this first step.

I am trusting that almighty God will continue the work that he started in me 24 years ago when he delivered me from alcoholism and then saved me. He continues to "clean me up" spiritually, emotionally and physically. The process of sanctification is sometimes hard and the road is long, but the blessings along the way, and the drawing closer to the love of my Abba Father, my Savior, Lord and Friend, my Counselor, Comforter and Strength, is joy beyond joy.
He has inclined his ear to me and he has answered.

He is increasing my joy indeed. He is setting the child within free to play in forest fields in the dew of a new morning.

I love you both. May God increase your territories for His glory.

Bob Sexton

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Email Received 

To: Dianne@TheEvans.org
Sent: Saturday, November 4, 2006 8:59:11 AM
Subject: Healing Service Testimony

I am from York, PA and was visiting friends of mine in Rhode Island a couple of weekends ago. My friend mentioned that she had been invited to a healing service at The Celebration House in Cranston, RI on October 28th.  I am 66 years old and have been battling lymph node cancer for two years; in remission for several months.  My strong Christian faith had kept me going throughout this 2-year trial and I am not afraid of dying. If The Lord is ready to call me Home, so be it.

We arrived at The Celebration House and the National Day of Healing Service through heavy gusty winds and rain that morning.  We sang songs of praise and worship as Kristin danced with swanlike gracefulness.  We were in awe of the gift that The Lord has given Kristin to relay His Messages through her graceful motions.  It is truly something I've never seen in my life.

There was beautiful praise and worship music played throughout the morning service, as several healings were happening before my eyes. Everyone was praying for the person being healed by The Lord.  It was explained to me that God anoints us as His Vessel to heal the sick.

When Dianne Evans touched my hand to come forward to be healed of the cancer in my chest and lymph nodes, the bone spur in my foot, and stomach pain, I was still uncertain about the outcome.

She laid her hand on my chest and began to pray over me.  All my life, feelings of "not fitting in", "not belonging", "inadequate", have discouraged me from knowing the true love of God as His Child.  It has also kept me from making any true connection to the word love or to feel it for other people all these years.  I certainly liked everyone, but never really experienced the word "love", and that kept me in bondage, living in a spiritual empty shell.

When Dianne laid her hand on me to pray, part of me was holding back and you might say I was a bit stubborn which wasn't allowing me to relent to The Holy Spirit. Dianne was relentless in praying and finally submission to the Holy Spirit enlightened my heart and soul.  Immediately a healing had occurred within my body and soul.

During the ride home, I expressed to my dear friend that I will never forget this Healing Service experience as long as I live and the Lord takes me Home.  Waking up Sunday morning to drive back to York, PA, I definitely felt like a new man. I felt such peace, calmness and joy that I knew a healing had certainly taken place and lifted those ugly feelings of inadequacies of long ago.

I called my friend in Rhode Island yesterday (November 3rd) and shared with him that I knew the Lord had laid it on my heart to stop taking all medications right after that healing service.  It has been a week now and no pain at all. I can't wait until my next doctor's appointment and for him to tell me what they see in the lymph nodes.  I will keep everyone posted.

Thank you Lord for Dick & Dianne's Healing Ministries. I know that the Lord allowed me to visit RI to come to them for this day.  The Lord is faithful and just and He is true to His Word.

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Email Received 
Dick & Dianne,

We had three people come to our place for the National Day of Healing on  10-28-2006. As we just opened the doors of our church the week before, we believe that more people will come next year. One person was healed of neck pain and stiffness. Another person we will have to wait and see as she had a head injury and several forms of mental illness. We gave her a new brain. The third person came to be healed of fibromyalgia.

Thank you guys for such a great healing workshop! Jan is particularly on fire, healing rotator cuffs at work and other people and needs.

The Lord bless you!

-Preacher Steve
Paid In Full Christian Church

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Email Received 
Hi Dick & Dianne

My dearest friend had invited me to come to the National Day of Healing at the Celebration House this past Saturday (10-28-2006). My husband had a very dear friend, whom he had known for the past 30 years, visiting us from York, PA, at the time Nancy invited me. I briefly told her that my husband's friend had been in remission for lymph node stage 3 cancer for the past year, but the cancer had return in his chest area. She asked me to bring him along.

I am not one to travel in heavy rain and windy weather and did not expect to make the trip from Tiverton, RI to meet her in Newport, RI and then travel to Cranston. However, when I awoke to see gusty high winds and rain, I started to pray to the Lord to give me the grace to make it out the door to drive to her house. Normally, even Moby Dick couldn't move me out of the house on a day like yesterday.

Therefore, by 8:30 AM, I made a call to my friend to let her know we were coming. She did not answer her phone. I called again at 9:00 AM and she finally answered with bewilderment as she knew I never drove in this kind of weather. When we got to her house, both of her condominium units French doors had somehow flown open right before we left and she could not relock them securely. So she was forced to place heavy furniture and objects against them to keep them shut so as not to let the rain in. Thank God, she checked her other condominium unit next door, because there was water all over its wood floors. My husband's friend and I made sure she had secured them tightly before we left for your healing service. Had we arrived any earlier to meet her, we would have left her house before all the destruction and she would have come home to a horrific mess. Praise God he made me late in getting there. We arrived safely at the Celebration House.

Dianne, you placed your hands on me and healing took place for the fibromyalgia, blood pressure and lower back pain I have had for a long time. My husband's friend feels a healing took place for the cancer in his body. He also has been healed spiritually, emotionally and mentally from the feeling of unworthiness, or lack of a better word, "not fitting in".

During the ride home, he mentioned that he would never forget this day as long as he lived and it was the utmost experience he has ever been through. It was also my first and greatest experience to be part of the wonders of the miracles of the Lord yesterday. I was so overwhelmed and in awe of His presence. The Holy Spirit just filled the room with love, peace and joy for all those who abided in Him. Praise God!!!!!

I couldn't wait until I got home to tell my husband, what happened during the service and about all the people who were there who were healed in so many ways. He is willing to come with me to the next healing service. My sister, who has been suffering from CFS & Fibromyalgia for 13 yrs., is also eager to attend your healing service.
I want you both to know that I will continue to pray and ask the Lord to continue to bless you both and Kristin as well, in continuing your ministry and allow it to grow in His Grace. He always has a Plan.

Your loving sister in Christ

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National Day of Healing 10-28-2006

Healings at The Evans as reported by those receiving a touch from God:

I came expecting healing for my back and prayer for daughter with Crohn's disease. Back pain gone! Took home a healing cloth for daughter. Left without my cane and had to return to get it!

I was healed emotionally from stressful situations. My back was also healed (lower T3 & T4 compression), and blood pressure which has been very high. Also healed of fibromyalgia pain and fatigue caused by MS since I was 17 years old.

Came for a healing for bipolar and for help with voices and to manage illness. God spoke to me about all my issues.

I was healed of sleep apnea and back problems (scoliosis).

Came in with cancer and other problems, like stomach and intestinal troubles. In addition, a bone spur in foot and lymph nodes growth. Cancer was cast out and the back pain subsided substantially.

Arrived with lower back pain and a pinched nerve. Back pain is gone.

I was here by the appointment of the Holy Spirit to begin the healing of the broken child. This was a major breakthrough and a healing both spiritually and emotionally.

My love, God has healed me today. He healed my right arm, which was injured in a car accident eighteen years ago. I could not lift it over my head. My right and left arms were not even and I saw God miraculously heal me and extend my right arm to be the same length as my left. Now both arms can reach to the heaven to the glory of God. Thank you Jesus!


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Email Received 
On Saturday, October 20th & 21st I attended a Healing Hands of Jesus Workshop at the Celebration house in Cranston with Pastors Dick and Dianne Evans.

About twenty-five people were there. What an AWESOME experience. There was worship and praise. Kristin did several beautiful dances in her ministry. I watched healings for several hours; including myself. I was very reluctant. Each time the music came on and Kristin was dancing, I would start to weep. It was almost lunchtime and we were about to have a break. Kristin was dancing to one last song and all of a sudden I started to sob, large amount of sobbing. Dianne, from across the room, instructed me to stand up which I did unwillingly. The next thing I knew she was next to me and because we were singing and praying, I had my eyes closed. She asked me to come forward and I did.

When I got up to the front she was directly in front of me and starting talking and I went down. I must have been down for twenty-five minutes. She knew I had gone up for deafness and unforgiveness. The entire time I was down my body was just SHAKING. All the while, Dianne is talking to me, and she told me that God wanted me to start making time to have quiet time each day during the day and stay in the word.

Now before I went to this workshop you heard my apprehension. My sister from Oregon had telephoned and she said the same words as Dianne. Another Christian woman had just said the same words.

I thank you Jesus. I have known for some time that the Lord was going to use me. Lately God has been nudging me to ask people if they want prayer. This has been occurring more and more frequently.

As Francis Hunter said, "…after I had reviewed the vision many times in my mind, and I thought about it many times, I realized that I never saw a church, and I never saw or heard a denomination but these people were going forth in the name of the Lord of Hosts."

This my people, in the end times will go forth. As a mighty army, they shall sweep over the face of the Earth.

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Email Received 
Thank you SO MUCH for your obedience to the Lord and ministering healing to us this past weekend. I am feeling better than I have felt in over 20 years. Lee is still having perfect vision and, because she was walking too much, she hurt her foot again, so we prayed in the service on it and she is feeling better now. Jan slept without her CPAP machine on Saturday night and did not snore and had full energy Sunday morning in testimony to her sleep apnea healing.

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My wife and I attended your workshop on healing this past weekend, we were invited by friends.

Dick, you prayed and laid hands on my neck, and although I must admit I came with a skeptical prejudice, the Holy Spirit did a work on me. I broke my neck 14 years ago, I crushed three vertebrae and had to have them surgically repaired. The surgeons placed 2 Halifax hooks (c-clamps) and packed the area with bone harvested from my hip to form a solid bone. Because of this procedure I have had limited range of motion and aggravating pain for years. I have more range of motion and the pain has decreased significantly.

Thank you for your prayer and allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to help me. I look forward to speaking to you in the future.

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Today I am "all aglow" after attending Aglow!! Your ministering was anointed and such a blessing to participate in! Sorry that we had to
leave...the hour was getting late. We all hated to leave...The dance was beautiful and gave an added dimension to the worship! what a
joy to be to be with you!

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PRAISE REPORT: I got a phone call from the woman that you prayed over my scarf for. She had... note I said had... bladder cancer. I was a little reluctant to give her the scarf because she wasn't a Christian and didn't think she'd understand... she called me yesterday... told me that everyday she put the scarf on her bladder area and said a little prayer... the doctors called her the day before yesterday to tell her that the test that they did to see if the chemo had shrunk the cancer... show NO cancer at all! Glory to God!!!!!!

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I want to thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord. Through your ministry I accepted the Lord and for the first time in my life felt the presence of the Lord hit me like a mighty wind. 
I attended a group study with Darryl Mince some years back. At that time I was exotic dancing and was involved in a friendship with a high priestess Satan worshipper. I was at the end of my rope, I was so unhappy and tormented by such evil I had to get out of this lifestyle and away from the evil that I was involving myself with. I started by ending my friendship with this person involved in Satan worship, she threatened my life and followed me. Not even one week had passed when I ran into Darryl and I knew it was a divine appointment sent from the Lord. He invited me to your group meeting and I just surrendered to the Lord. The Lord spoke a prophetic word through Dianne that just set me free from the fear and despair I was experiencing all my life. After the meeting Darryl, some friends and I tore up the satanic bible and all of the witchcraft, astrology, tarot cards, and new age books I had. I thank the Lord for His patience and mercy. That He has forgiven me for such abominations. 

I now live in Ft. Lauderdale FL. and have a very close relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. It was a long road even after that special day when I accepted the Lord, but it has been all worth it. When I moved down to FL. I came here by myself with no one but me and the Lord. For the first time in my life I am so proud of myself because when I came down to FL. I quit dancing and stayed away from people that would bring me back instead of forward, I spent a lot of time by myself reading my bible. There was much sacrifice in changing because of being in the business for nearly 6 years. But my Father God helped me as I sacrificed my flesh and seeked His face. He rewarded me with an awesome life.  
The Lord brought wonderful Christian friends into my life, I went to college and received a degree in Science, my own beautiful apartment, a brand new car... My family members in R.I. have become closer to the Lord and some even accepting Christ into their hearts for the first time. I'm healthy. I have joy unspeakable and peace that surpasses all understanding. I am so thankful for the new life the Lord has given me. 

There is much to share with you and say. But the one thing I want to say is thank you so much!

Psalm 115:1
Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to Your name give glory, for Your mercy and loving-kindness and for the sake of Your truth and faithfulness. Amen

Hebrews 13:15
Through Him, therefore, let us constantly and at all times offer up to God a sacrifice of praise, which is the fruit of lips that thankfully acknowledge and confess and glorify His name. Amen

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Frank and Susan Bressette Ministering at the Celebration House Healed from Lupus!
By Susan Bressette

In 1989, while on a family camping trip, I awakened with a badly swollen ankle. At first I found it amusing. As the day wore on pain and a low-grade fever set in. I was no longer amused. After medical tests and procedures an emergency room doctor told me it looked like lupus. 

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. The body's own immune system attacks the connective tissues of the joints and internal organs, causing flu like symptoms, low grade fever, body aches, swollen joints and damage to internal organs (in my case, the thyroid) along with an exhausting fatigue!

During the next twelve years I went under the care of a rheumatologist, and had tried every known treatment for autoimmune diseases. After many hospital stays, many diagnostic tests, many doctors, very much pain and suffering, my official diagnosis was MCD (multiple connective tissue diseases), lupus, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

The only medications left that were safe for me to take were strong narcotics.

I am a woman of faith and my husband Frank truly is the high priest of his family. He cared for me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Neither of us lost faith. We knew that we knew that we knew that I would be healed! The Lord Jesus promised us I would be healed. Although that was not always easy for my husband to believe when he would see his wife in the physical state I was in, but we held on to Jesus with both hands and hearts, leaning on God's words "pray and faint not"!

We worship at the Celebration House with our close friends and pastors, Dick and Dianne Evans. The members have all stood with us believing for my healing. Then in March of 2001 the Evans brought us to where they knew that Charles and Francis Hunter were ministering, a Full Gospel Businessmen's convention near Hartford, CT.

I responded to an alter call for fibromyalgia. As soon as the Hunters touched me I was healed of the fibromyalgia and of the rheumatoid arthritis and of the lupus! 

I felt as if I had awakened from a bad dream. I was 46 years old and had walked with a cane for over ten years. I no longer needed it. I had used a wheelchair because I could not walk distances, such as in a shopping mall. I haven't used it since! 

That was seven months ago, God is so wonderful. His word is truth. Trust in Him with all your mind and all your heart for He cares for you greatly!

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If you have been touched by God as a result of The Evans Ministries and would like to include your testimony, please email richard@theevans.org  so we can add it to this page.