What We Do

Can the Evans Ministries help you?

The Evans are licensed ordained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and offer programs to fit the needs of your congregation or group.

The Evans Ministries consists of a team of committed Christians utilizing small groups and one on one ministry, teaching and mentoring to equip the body of Christ. They continually encourage and bring in the teams necessary to minister while helping you develop a team of your own. Edifying both ministers and their congregations in their place within the church body, and in the world, is their calling. Together, with the Holy Spirit, you and your team learn to expose and eliminate ungodly beliefs and expectations thus allowing gifts to be activated. It is the Evans’ desire for the Holy Spirit to work through them allowing people to be set free and activated in their gifting.

To the Corporate Church: Prophetic Healing
Through teaching of the Word and words of knowledge, the corporate body will experience the manifested power of God‘s healing.

To the Body: Small Groups
Through focus interest groups, home groups, twelve step groups and intercessory prayer groups, Christians will be equipped.

To One’s Personal Life: Successful Living
Christian Counseling