Miscellaneous Writings

2006 The End of an Age
By Dianne Evans

As with each year that passes, it is the passing from an end of an age to a new one! I sit quietly awaiting a word of encouragement—a word of expectant hope regarding what the future will bring. For all things shall pass away; yet My word does not pass away.

Pass away. These are the words we use to describe the death of a cherished loved one. I am led to believe these words are pertaining to none other than our Lord Jesus, who does not pass away in life nor in death. For He is everlasting “hope”

Whether law or war, pestilence or disease, with earth quaking or disaster lurking, it really does not matter. Nothing will keep us away from Your strong arm of protection. I expect health where there is sickness, peace where there is violent war; harmony when disaster strikes and freedom when the law tries to bind us from the true fruit of His love—Christ.

It is so evident that He is calling us to…

“Climb aboard and hide yourself within the measure of My love. Be entrapped by the fragrance of My presence and surround yourself in My Peace. Hence, My doors will be opened for the ministry of Peace & Reconciliation; My Grace will abound to those who have found their portion in Me!

The ungodly will choose to blame Me; while they were asked to search within! I beg of you to be real, genuine, and brave! This coming year is for the bold and victorious! Take the bull by the horns and I will hurl it into oblivion.

2007 is more than a touch of heaven. It shall be a display of My jewels that have been hidden treasure; those treasures within you!

Dance like you have never danced before, for My abundance is here to be displayed without shame and without pride. It will be displayed in the confident assurance of My Glory.

For the greatest ecstasy known to man has been sexual pleasure. Therefore, I say an eruption of My Character will be even greater in your life. As the earth cries out in pain, prepare yourself to give, to love and to penetrate places you have never intended. There you shall meet Me in Glory.

Gather together once, twice, and three times if necessary. Bring a word of cheer—a word of exposure and joy. These words will bring Hope to the hopeless, Joy to the suppressed, and Encouragement to those who walk with Me!

Take these words and ponder them, for I go before you preparing the way of righteousness and truth."

The Beginning of 2007
A Word from Heaven by Dianne Evans

Wars, terrorists, disease, tragedy, and devastation are a part of today's times; we are all desperately searching for the Lord's peace and protection.

According to God's Word, it is possible through fervent, effectual prayer to live under Divine protection and to transform our minds so we know who we are in Christ and know that Jesus Christ himself is interceding and applying hedges around our life and home that satan cannot penetrate. I am not saying we do not have to pray. I am saying the hedge already exists. We must verbalize and mediate on those things that bring about our victory so that our minds are transformed into His.

As we live and breathe inside God's shield of protection, in Christ we can proclaim and will be the victors mentally, emotionally, spiritually, morally, financially, and continue to walk in His divine will.

Prepare for every area of your life to be changed as you begin to approach life supernaturally with a victor mentality.

If we are to withstand satan's attempts to cripple us and destroy us with fear, we have to learn to be pro-active in prayer concerning ourselves, our family, our friends, our nation and all that God has given us.

There is a Harvest Like You Have Never Seen Taking Place

There was a time when Jesus stood before a woman who was thirsty, and she did not know the Water of Life was standing right next to her. Now The Spirit is gaiting through the streets taking them for Himself.

He is taking the children, sending them into the schools, sending them into life with His Spirit. They shall hear and obey His Word.

God is going to be so radical that the organized church shall call this move evil. People who are called by His name shall humble themselves. He is taking the desperate in heart. He will take them to those who are searching for Freedom in Him, yet do not know who He is.

There will be earth quakes and He shall show up there. There He will show Himself with a vengeance and strike those who are living under the law, those who have tried to steal and cheat you! A time of the great commission is at hand. It shall take place. And those who hear the call will gather in the forbidden places to seek His guidance. There will be many added to The Kingdom.

"In the New Year, the shaking will begin and be felt throughout the faults in this nation. This shaking and quaking will cause a revival within the hearts of both the young in heart and young in age.

Shout the shouts of praise for in the praise I will work my wonders over this land and many will be caused to bend their knee while many will loose their lives.

2007 is the year for breaking the spirit of inheritance. As we gather seeking God’s power and His grace, expecting Him to give us a break, mercy will overwhelm us and those bondages shall be broken. Those suffering from addiction and pain of emotional anguish will be set free. For 2007 is when Heaven makes itself known here on earth. All those things will blow away like ashes from a forest fire on a dry windy day. I am bringing your pain and burden to nothing. There will not be a re-visitation of yesterday's false powers of manipulation and addiction. History has been broken. It has been cast into the firing sea.

His Word shall go forth into the atmosphere into the air of anticipation, into the air of grief, into the air of desperation, and it shall bring NEW LIFE.

Allow the Spirit of God to speak out of you, because you will be greatly taken care of as you embrace the Word of the Lord. Know who you are and STAND in that place I have appointed you to.

Speak into this atmosphere and cause the dead to rise and the joy of His spirit to spring forth. What do you see? Do you see with the eyes of the Spirit? Can you hear with your inner ear?

Prophesy, Prophesy, Prophesy to all you know!

Prophesy, prophesy, prophesy to dead bones. Prophesy, prophesy, prophesy to the Valley! For the Spirit of the Living God will prophesy, prophesy, prophesy to the Valleys and mountaintops!

Do not fear for I shall never leave you. Do not fear for I will not let you cave in or change my mind.

Open up your mouths and using your songs, shout the blessings, dance your dances, and that shall bring about my freedom, liberty, life, salvation, and deliverance, to those who are desperately thirsty for me to move. This is LIFE. This is FREEDOM. Tis is HEALING for my anointed to proclaim.

God is destroying principalities through your voice over your home, over your family, and creating a place of refuge in your hearts. People of the true God will walk in great wisdom and understanding, they will have great discernment and have insight for those around and about them. These gifts are yours for the asking. Take and use them and see Me exposed.

Those who understand will be like Enoch. People will recognize the false and will give an ear to those who spend time in my presence. Humility like Moses you will have. Walk as a humble, meek servant knowing if My presence is not with you; you shall not speak.

I Hear the Sound of an Abundance coming!

I hear the sound of spiritual life, the abundance of finances that will get into the right hands, the abundance of righteousness, and the abundance of obedience. I hear the sound of an abundant rain for revival, for restoration, and for His presence! Look up to heaven and His gifts, of Grace, Mercy, and Love are abundantly flowing from heaven to you!

Relationship in 2007
By Dick Evans

As we start this New Year, I believe we should reevaluate relationship.

Relationship is defined in Encarta as a significant connection or similarity between two or more things, or the state of being related to something else. As Christians we speak about our relationship with God. Those who consider themselves to be born again, say their walk with Christ is not about religion, it is about relationship.

With this in mind, it does not matter which religious group we belong to; what brick and mortar church building we attend each week. What matters is our personal relationship with Christ, our walk with Him each day. Church is the body of Christ; the gathering of two or more believers.

Some believe their relationship with God is centered on time spent in “the Word”. By this they are referring to the Word of God, the Bible as we know it. They bicker back and forth as to translations to use and often refer back to the original text to accurately discover what the original author meant to say to his intended audience. Their relationship is with the Word of God.

Each book of the Bible was penned by man, inspired by God. However, are we not reading about another human being’s relationship with God? I believe we are. As we read his book, we discover more about his relationship with God. In a similar way, as we read current day Christian literature and listen to sermons available in all forms, we receive further insight into the relationship those authors have with God.

What we should want is our own relationship with the living God. Yes, we are to be in the Word daily. The Word is Christ and He is in us and we are in Him. Is reading the Bible the same as being in Him? I do not think so. I believe one way God speaks to us today is through His written Word. It does not matter which translation we use. He knows and will direct us to the scripture pertinent to our situation for today. Be it NIV, NLT, KJV, NASB, NKJV, or any other, He knows how to communicate to us. He knows how to reveal to us a Word for today, a Word to guide us, to instruct us, to comfort us, or to encourage us.

I am not trying to tell you not to read and study the Bible. Nor am I inferring you should stop reading or listening to wisdom from other Christians; not at all. In all we do, God can bring revelation to us. He can take the worldly means of communication and point us to His truth.

Being religious is not bad unless it is a replacement for relationship with Jesus Christ. Daily reading of His word is necessary, but should not be mistaken as having that relationship. Reading other authors or listening to them is good, but is not a replacement for reading and studying His Word for you. He wants us to grow in Him. To do that we must communicate with Him; we speak to Him and listen to His answer. And always rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you into all Truth.